regarding homicidal telepathic zombie immortal incest dinosaurs

The Sweet Sixteens blogging topic for the month of December is our favorite books and authors, but this post is not really about that. That’s too vast a topic. That list is infinite, and I’m too lazy to narrow it down. Instead this post is about my favorite books by my favorite author when I was a teenager.

Writers are always talking about their deepest influences, their idols, the words that got under their skin in their formative years. We remember the stories that hit us hard. We love to remember them. And for me, there’s a collection of books that towers above all else in the dusty library of my teenage memory. I’m not talking about classics. I’m not talking about great literature. I’m not even talking about good literature.

I’m talking about Christopher Pike’s homicidal telepathic zombie immortal incest dinosaurs.

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Interview with debut author Romina Russell

Over on the Sweet Sixteens blog, I did a short interview with Fearless Fifteeners author Romina Russell about her debut YA sci fi novel ZODIAC, which will be released on December 9.

Read the interview here.

This is the first in a series of interviews the Sweet Sixteeners are doing with our counterparts from 2015, so there will be many more debut authors and their books featured over the next several months!

but number six is an accurate description of my career so far

Fellow Sweet Sixteener Kathy MacMillan has tagged me to play #8TerribleTitles: Open your manuscript, scroll for a bit without looking and stop. Pull out whatever phrase your cursor is on. Do this 8 times and then share your list. Here is mine:

1. I Didn’t Think

2. A Slow Student’s Progress

3. House Splattered With Blood

4. Didn’t Bleed For Long

5. Vague and Ill-Defined Rules

6. Another Stupid Monster

7. I Want to Buy You a Drink

8. The Shelter From the Storm Bullshit

Let’s be real here: #3 is something I would actually write. And I wouldn’t even be sorry. Don’t be surprised if that’s my next novel.

I hereby tag: Melissa Gorzelanczyk, Marisa Reichardt, and Erin Schneider.

but not a drop to drink

The Secret Knowledge of Water by Craig Childs (Back Bay Books, 2000)

The first time I went to the Grand Canyon I disobeyed all the warning signs.

If you’ve ever hiked in the Grand Canyon, you know that not very far down whatever trail you choose, you will pass a sign telling you not to attempt to hike all the way to the bottom and back up in a single day. Don’t do it. You won’t make it. You will perish. Certain doom. The words are accompanied by delightful little illustrations of a swooning fool moments from dying of dehydration or exposure.

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