more short fiction

My short story “The Day They Came” is now available in the March 2012 issue of Lightspeed Magazine, which you can purchase in ebook format. My story will be published online next Tuesday, but you should buy the whole issue to support a great magazine and not miss out on any of the content.

In other news, my very talented friend Adam Israel has a short story in the new online magazine Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi: Control. He wrote this story while we were at Clarion, and I’m very happy to see its final form find a home.


2 thoughts on “more short fiction

  1. Just wanted to leave a note telling you how much I enjoyed your piece in Lightspeed. It has just the right amount of looming ominousness without beating the reader over the head with the threat, and the small town details are ridiculously authentic. My favourite stories are the ones where not everything is spelled out/infodumped all over your shoes – the devil is in the details – and this is a pitch-perfect example. Keep it up!

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